experiment #39 (old city)

On September 6th and 7th 2014, the IPA infiltrated one of the oldest neighborhoods in Philadelphia with two days of sold-out performances of Experiment #39 (Old City).  In collaboration with local performers, artists, community members and businesses, we developed dozens of site specific performances, customized for one audience member at a time. Presented by the Philadelphia FringeArts festival, the local press called the piece “ergodic and cathartic.”


“You feel like a lab rat in a maze—embrace it. Along the path, mysterious and strange figures lead you to unexpected locales. The IPA has succeeded in creating an ergodic and cathartic theatrical experience with EXPERIMENT #39.”
-Joshua Millhouse, Phindie
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“Like LARPing raised to the Nth power”
-Stephen H. Segal, Philly Weekly
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“Fringe Festival show promising ‘most unusual walking tour’ delivers.”
-Shai Ben-Yaacov, NPR WHYY NewsWorks Tonight
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Chosen as one of “The fringiest of the Philly Fringe Festival”
-Howard Shapiro, News Works’ Shapiro on Theater
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Read an interview with IPA co-founder Emily Rea in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Those lucky enough to experience Experiment #39, for all its white coats and pseudo-scientific weirdness, wandering through traffic, lust for you and for life, and tourists’ curious looks, got a taste of one of the Fringe Festival’s quintessential opportunities, as tightly plotted and orchestrated as it was sprawling and unexpected.”
-Alaina Mabaso, The Art Blog
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Community Partners for Experiment #39 included:

Old City District
Christ Church and Neighborhood House
Hotel Monaco
American Philosophical Society
Snyderman-Works Gallery
Fireman’s Hall Museum
United By Blue
Elfreth’s Alley Association
American Historical Theatre
Pii Gallery
Fearless Athletics
Book Trader
Rob Kettell
Independence National Historical Park
Never Too Spoiled